Help files

When it comes to Bible study, we can get a lot of help from various Bible study tools.  Except for Bibles, these tools are not generally considered inspired, but they are widely accepted as reliable.  Because they deal with God’s book, I’d expect Him to have an interest in how they turn out.  In any case, take advantage of any of them that work for you. Continue reading

Primary and Secondary

A man complained that his wife was hard of hearing and she always argued with him about it.  So one day he decided to prove her wrong.  He stood across the room behind her so she wouldn’t know he was there.  He said, “Honey, can I ask you a question?”  No answer.  He stepped closer and asked again, “Honey, can I ask you a question?”  Still no answer.  Continue reading

We can be weaned from the milk bottle and start eating our own food

Scripture says, concerning the Bible, we can be weaned from the milk bottle and start eating our own food.

The milk of the scripture is what we are taught by others and solid food is what we learn for ourselves.  Milk (a picture of being taught) is a predigested, pleasant tasting liquid, giving balanced nutrition.  Solid food (a picture of teaching oneself) needs digesting, is not necessarily balanced nutrition, may not be pleasant tasting, is not liquid, and it may need chewing.  When we understand what we read in the Bible, it means we are chewing and digesting our own food and no longer need to be bottle-fed.  Continue reading